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Let's all be like Keanu

I've been stanning Keanu Reeves for as long as I can remember. I'm a month younger than her is and I have always wanted to be just a little bit cool like him. Now there is another reason to be like Keanu.

Turns out, Keanu's focus on what makes life truly rich, pays really well.

I just read this super fun post on Medium written by Tim Denning about how Keanu measures his achievements not by the money he makes, but by other measures

Money is a by-product

Jimmy Kimmel: “Your movies have made three and a half billion dollars…”

Keanu (abruptly cutting Jimmy off): “They’ve E-n-t-er-t-a-i-n-e-d.”

Money as a by-product. What a concept. It's not that he doesn't earn good money - he just lives in such a way that the money is not the important thing. Tim says that "our job is to be useful and that is done by teaching, entertaining, inspiring, informing or simply making people laugh." I'll add making people happy and bringing beauty to the world.

Choosing a goal to focus on other than money will produce more money.

Wait a minute - hasn't this entire Valuing Design Project been about making more money? Yes, and NO. The main point I am discussing here is VALUE. I'm interested in increasing the perceived value the customers experience when working with an interior designer. When they are happier, feel seen, heard, and - well - loved, the money they pay will seem like a deal compared to what they received.

This entire project is about improving the client experience by elevating their perception of the value of what they are receiving - not by lowering the prices, but by understanding the psychological elements that go into a client's perception of value.

What is the meaning you want to bring to your customers? How do you define the value you bring without once mentioning cost? How can you be more like Keanu?

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